Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Choose it Maker 3- Logging On for the First Time

On this page, you will find a video in which I demonstrate logging onto Choose It Maker 3 for the first time. Below the video, you will find a full transcript of the video.

Start of Video Trabscript

"Hello everyone and welcome to this video.

In this video I want to show you all the features of Choose It Maker 3. I will log on and describe exactly what you get for your money- what it looks like and how it works. 

So lets go. I will put my username and password in and then I am going to launch Choose It Maker 3. 

As you log on, you see all of your folders (which over time will have all your activities in.)

Now you can see that those folders are pretty standard in the way that they look. But by selecting "Manage Folder" these folders can be made to look different and the good thing about security here is that you will be prompted to put your password in again by using different colours or even photos or pictures to make them stand out. And you can of course, re name them.

Let us take a look at a sample activity. Odd One Out.

There is audio with this activity. Looking at the top of the page, it is 8 pages long. It tells us how long we have been playing, what our score is and how to exit it.

It demonstrates how we can combine sounds (voice) with pictures.

When we exit every activity, basic statistics are given about the activity we played.

And from there we can exit the activity, save the statistics of this activity ( which can be printed or emailed) or we can continue playing.

Any activity that you create can be downloaded and used on an iPad or Android Tablet. I will look into how this is done as part of my next video, in which I will be creating an activity in Choose It Maker 3.

The settings menu allows us to set up how we want any activities that we create to be accessed. Access Method allows us to choose between using the mouse, touchscreen or eyegaze to control the activity.

The next option is switch delay. How long do we want the switch held down for.

Rewards allows us to choose between having sounds and animations and for how long.

Colours allows us to change the colours of different items on screen and mouse cursor let's us change the size of the on screen cursor."

End of video transcript.

Thanks for watching and listening. Please let me know your thoughts. 

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