Tuesday, 3 November 2015

NVDA: Downloading & Installing (An Easy Step By Step Guide)

NVDA is a free screen reader for Windows 7, 8 and 10. It stands for Non Visual Desktop Access.

This video is 9 minutes long and it includes a full set of subtitles.

By watching this video, you will learn:

1. What NVDA stands for
2. If it really is free.
3. How to download and install NVDA in about 5 minutes.

A full transcript of the video can be read below;

Start of video transcript

Hello everyone and welcome to this video.

 In this video I am going to be concentrating on NVDA.

 NVDA is a free screen reader and in this video I am going to be showing you how to download and install it.

Screen readers add a voice to a computer so that a person with a visual impairment can more easily use their computer independently.

NVDA stands for Non Visual Desktop Access.

It's a screen reader that can be installed on Windows PCs and laptops.

Although it is free, as a charity, NVDA do encourage you to make a donation if you download it.

After all, other screen readers (such as Jaws, Hal and Window Eyes) do cost hundreds of pounds each.

So let’s open up our browser and go to nvaccess.org/download and you can see that my browser is open at the page here.

To do this, I am using a Windows 10 laptop with Firefox to do this.

This page shows you lots of options if you want to donate money to the project.

You've got Paypal there, you've got monthly donations and at the bottom you've got bank transfers.

However, if you don’t want to make a donation, just click on this link near the bottom of the page “skip donation this time”.

A box appears on your screen.

Select “Save File” and the download begins.

At the bottom of my screen I have a progress bar letting me know how the download is progressing.

Mine only took about 10 seconds and then for me to access that downloaded file, I then come up here and I just select the NVDA.exe file.

And so I click on this.

A new box will appear on your screen.

and I am going to select run and some music starts to play and then a voice informs you that the licence is displayed.

Read the licence and then tick/ check on the  “I agree” box. 

Now you need to choose between the following options;  install NVDA on this computer, create portable copy, continue running and, of course if you don't suddenly want to it, there is exit as well. 

For simplicity sake, I would select “install NVDA on this computer”.

Now when you are doing this you will get the voice on NVDA talking to you, as you can hear, it is to me.

If at any point you just want that voice to stop press the control button on your keypad and the voice will stop as you go through this.

Now another box appears on screen, giving us more choices.

When NVDA is installed, it will automatically start at the Windows log on screen. If you wanted to do that then leave that box ticked.

If you don’t want NVDA to start until after you have logged on, then clear that box. 

When NVDA is installed, it will automatically create a desktop icon and a shortcut key to get access to the program.

If you it to do that, then leave the box next to it checked 

If you don’t want it to do that, clear the box.

I do want it to do that.

Click on the continue button.

Another box appears on your screen. Select yes to install NVDA.

After a couple of  seconds you'll have another another box that appears and it tells you that you have successfully installed NVDA.

And when we click OK, we're starting NVDA.

And you can see that it is starting to read the webpage that I am on.

And that's it. On an earlier installation that I did of NVDA onto this computer, it gave me further options which were all about selecting a modifier key to use with NVDA.
Another box appears asking you to select an NVDA modifier key.

And a modifier key is a key on the keyboard that you press (in conjunction with other keys) in order to control NVDA.

But it doesn't seem to have given me that option this time.

So, hopefully you would have installed NVDA successfully.

Thank you for watching this video.

If you are struggling to download or install NVDA correctly, please let me know.

If you want to ask me other questions , or join in with the discussion then leave a comment below this video. I will get back to you.

End of video transcript.

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