Monday, 14 December 2015

Magnification Apps on the iPad- Big Magnify Free

In this video I demonstrate a magnifying app on the iPad. The app is called Big Magnify Free.

Magnifying apps work with the devices camera and make things larger.

The video is nearly 8 minutes long. It comes with a full set of subtitles.

In this video you will learn;
1. How to download the app.
2. What it looks like and how it works
3. It's strengths and weaknesses...

A full transcript of the video can be read below

Start of video transcript

Hello everyone and welcome to this video.
In this video series I will be demonstrating magnification apps on the iPad.

This is my second video in the series.
Technically videoing apps on an iPad is quite a complicated thing to do and so if there are a few awkward silences please bear with me!
It is a technical piece of information but this app was used on an iPad Air 2 running iOS version 8.3.

Magnification apps are mainly targeted at people who are visually impaired, who are the focus of my videos.

I will take you through the download process in the App Store, demonstrate the different functions and features and look at a piece of text to analyse the quality of the app.
I will use the terms magnification and zoom interchangeably.
Let’s open up the App Store.
And type in “Big Magnify Free”
Quickly download it. I already have and so instead of “Open” you will see “Get”.
There are no reviews of this app.

When we open this app, an ad is at the top of the screen taking up about 10% of the screen.

There are a few icons at the top of the screen. On the far left is a switch icon to toggle between the front and rear facing cameras and magnification works on both.

The next icon is of a camera but I have no idea what this does!

The next icon provides us with three filters- which offer show different versions of the same view but from a purely functional point of view, they are pretty useless.

The final icon at the top is a settings menu which just offers you the chance to buy the full app by a “remove ads” option.

However nowhere is the price of the full app displayed and I was too nervous without this information to type in my password.

At the bottom of the screen is a magnification icon that allows you to change the level of magnification from x1 to x8.

The next icon allows you to toggle between having fixed levels of magnification or to manually adjust your own level.

The lightbulb icon does not seem to work and the play and pause icon allows you to take a photo of the current view and share it across different social networks.
Every so often the whole screen would be taken up with an advert which is very annoying.

This app works in both portrait and landscape mode as you can see here.
And that’s it. Thanks for watching this video and look out for my other videos on free magnification apps on the iPad.
If you want to ask any questions or join the discussion then please do so below. 
 End of Video Transcript

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