Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Magnification Apps on the iPad- Magnify (Singular Factory)

In this video I demonstrate a magnifying app on the iPad. The app is called Magnify created by Singular Factory and it is free to download.

Magnifying apps work with the devices camera and make things larger. They are targeted mainly at the visually impaired community.

The video is between 5 and 6 minutes long and includes a full set of subtitles.

In this video you will learn;
1. How to download the app.
2. What it looks like and how it works
3. It's strengths and weaknesses...

a full transcript of the video can be read below

Start of Video Transcript

Hello everyone and welcome to this video in this video series I will be demonstrating free magnification apps on the iPad. This is my fourth video in the series. Technically videoing apps on the iPad is quite a difficult thing to do and so if there are any awkward silences them please bear with me another important piece of technical information for you is that this app was used on an iPad Air to running iOS version 8.3 magnification apps are told it is mainly the people who are visually impaired. They make use of an iPad is Camera in order to make things that you are looking at the camera larger. In this video series I will be testing about nine free magnification apps. I will take you through the download process in the App Store demonstrate the different functions and features and look at a piece of text to analyse the quality of the app. I will use the terms magnification and zoom interchangeably. The app will be focusing on a piece of text from a newspaper which will help us decide how good it is. Select open the App Store and we want to type in Magnifier. No obviously there are lots of options for this and we want this one here it's the black background and white icon. You can quickly download it by pressing on the word get here mine says open because I have already downloaded it. There are no reviews for this app. So once you have downloaded it lets open it. You can see how simple it is it consists of a large magnifying glass which you view things in and a large sliding scale below it. What I think is quite strange is that you you move the slider left in order to increase magnification. I would've thought it would've been the other way round. That is an add at the bottom of the screen which is very small which is lovely. Now I have just moved the iPad around to use it in the landscape mode instead of the portrait mode. And you can see that you can still use it in the landscape mode but actually the icons or anything don't change. And what's interesting is that the view on the video that you're watching doesn't change. The shape of the iPad that you are watching doesn't change although obviously that you has rotated to landscape. So let's put it back into the portrait mode. Unfortunately as we can see from viewing our newspaper article The text is not very clear at any magnification level. And I have doublechecked this is is not because of the newspaper That I am using neither is it to do with the lighting conditions. It is just that the view that we are getting with this app is very poor. And that's a real disadvantage. The app did seem to run smoothly whenever I've tested it. And that's it thank you for watching this video. Look out for my other videos on free magnification apps on the iPad. If you want to ask any questions or join in with the discussion then please do so in the space below this video.

End of Video Transcript

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