Monday, 13 June 2016

Keyboard Shortcuts: NVDA and Facebook How To Get To The Main Sections

In this video I demonstrate how to use keyboard shortcuts to access different parts of your Facebook page.

The shortcuts are;

Shift + Alt + 1 Your Newsfeed. Also called the homepage or timeline.

Shift + Alt + 2 Your Profile page.

Shift + Alt + 3 Your Friends page

Shift + Alt + 4 Your messages and inbox

Shift + Alt + 5 Your notifications page.

Shift + Alt + 6 Your settings page.

Shift + Alt + 7 Your Activity Log

Shift + Alt + 8 Facebook About page

Shift + Alt + 9 the Ts  & Cs page

Shift + Alt + 0 the Help page

If you want to read a full transcript of the video, please see below.

Hello and welcome to this video.

In this video I am going to quickly show you how to access Facebook using keyboard shortcuts and the screen reader NVDA.

I will presume that you have NVDA running and you are logged into Facebook.

These keyboard shortcuts work even if you are not using a screen reader.

Your Facebook account has lots of different sections in it and keyboard shortcuts give you access to most of these.

These shortcuts will give you access to the most important sections of your Facebook account.

Some of these shortcuts you will be using all of the time and some of them them you will never use.

Right, let’s jump right in.

Shift + Alt + 0 takes you to the Help page.

Shift + Alt +1 takes you to your Home page.

Shift + Alt + 2 takes you to your Timeline page.

Shift + Alt + 3 takes you to your Friends page.

Shift + Alt + 4 takes you to your Inbox

Shift + Alt + 5 takes you to your Notifications

Shift + Alt + 6 takes you to your Settings

Shift + Alt + 7 takes you to your Activity Log

Shift + Alt + 8 takes you to the About page

Shift + Alt + 9 takes you to the Terms page.

Look out for my other videos on using shortcut keys on Facebook

Thanks for watching this video. If you have any comments or questions, just add them below the video.

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