Monday, 27 June 2016

Patatap (A Portable Animation and Sound Kit)

Patatap is a website that teaches very early keyboard skills. Every letter that is pressed on a computer keyboard produces its own sound and animation!

It is free and safe to use and displays no adverts. It will work on your tablet!

The video comes with a full set of subtitles but if you would prefer to read a transcript then please find one below.

Start of Transcript

Hello everyone and welcome this video. In this video I want to through a tour and a demonstration of the website

We will start here as you can see, I have typed in my address bar and I want to load it in front of you so that you can see what to expect.

Now, Patatap develops cause and effects skills using the keyboard on an ordinary laptop or computer.

You can also get it for your iPad and so the fact that it works on a range of devices is absolutely fantastic.

When you type the address in.

You then get that type of timing arrow that goes round and round and loads everything and then when it's ready to start you can see that when you press any key or the space bar and it wants you to turn up your speakers.

It's not every key on your keyboard It's just your letter key and your space bar, OK?

What happens is this.

Every key on the key board has a different animation and sound effect.

If you press the same letter twice, or repeatedly the same thing happens.

It's really lovely in terms of just developing the earliest kind of interest in the keyboard I think for a laptop or desktop computer and that's where I like to see it working.

And thats it, try it out, it is a free website.

There are no adverts cluttering up the screen and it is also very safe to use.

So, thank you for watching this, any comments please put them below the video. If you use Patatab or you use the website like it and please let me know.

End of video transcript

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