Monday, 31 October 2016

Touch Typing App- Meteor Game

Hello everyone. It is James from the Visual Impairment Team in Devon.

In this video I am going to demonstrate a touch typing game called Meteor Game.

Now this is one of many meteor themed touch typing games and so the best way of finding it is to search on Google for “meteor game sense lang”.

Sens language is the name of the website that the game is hosted on.

It is only one of a number of games that are hosted on sense lang.

This video is a rarity for me as I don't speak in it. In the video, you just get to watch the game and listen to its sound effects.

 Now by watching the 2 minute video of the game itself, we can create a list of good points and bad points about it

Good Features

It is free to play. 

The space theme will be motivating for a lot of people- children and adults alike.

The graphics and sound effects are attractive.

The instructions are clear- just press the letters on the keyboard that are on the rocks racing towards you.

You can select from a range of international keyboards.

It shows a score.

You can have the sounds turned on and off.

Bad Features

The pace at which the letters come towards you is very fast.

You have to watch a 30 second advert before you can play it.

It is unclear if you can restrict your practice to specific groups of letters- such as the home row.

The game does not have different levels of complexity, such as a beginners and intermediate level.

Such flexibility would enable speeds to vary and have a different size of letter “groupings”.

I don’t think that the contrast in the game makes the letters easy to see.

Although the game might appear to be quite large on the screen, I change its size to make a better recording.

On an ordinary website it will only take up about a quarter of your screen.

The Bottom Line

Although this game is at first fun, I think that it’s lack of flexibility would soon make it quite boring to play.

Sorry but there are better meteor games for touch typing out there!

And I will be making video demonstrations of the best ones over the coming days!

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I have created lots of other videos relating to touch typing and there is a link to my playlist below.

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