Monday, 31 October 2016

Touch Typing Games- Typing Asteroid 2

Hello everyone. It is James from the Visual Impairment Team in Devon.

In this video I am going to demonstrate a touch typing game called Typing Asteroids 2.

Now this is one of many meteor themed touch typing games and so the best way of finding it is to search on Google for “Typing Asteroids 2” and you will find it.

Typing Asteroids 2 is a game in which you practice your typing skills by typing the words on meteors that are travelling towards you.

If you type the words correctly in time, you destroy the meteors.

If you don’t, the meteors destroy you.

Now by watching the 2 minute video of the game itself, we can create a list of good points and bad points about it

Good Features

The game has three difficulty levels to choose from.

The space theme will be motivating for a lot of people- children and adults alike.

The graphics and sound effects are very simplistic. I think that will shorten the time that anyone would want to play the game.  

There is no advert to watch before playing the game.

It shows a score and how many lives you have left.

You can turn the sounds and music on and off.

Bad Features

This game is not very accessible to visually impaired people.

The design is too cluttered and the contrast is too poor.

The game has no lessons within it or ways to alter the complexity of the words written on the meteors.

Although the game might appear to be quite large on the screen, I change its size to make a better recording.

On an ordinary website it will only take up about a quarter of your screen.

The Bottom Line

This game has its limitations because there aren’t any lessons or difficulty levels built in.

I think that it is too simplistic to keep a viewer engaged for very long.

And I will be making video demonstrations of the best ones over the coming days!

If this video has helped you, please share it with your friends, colleagues  and family.

I have created lots of other videos relating to touch typing and there is a link to my playlist below.

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