Monday, 22 February 2016

Join.Me App (Feb 2016): Downloading and Installing the iPad App

Hello. In this video I show you how to download and install the Join.Me app from the App Store.

The video is nearly 5 minutes long and includes a full set of subtitles. It is a step by step guide.

I have created a Join.Me playlist that includes another video that demonstrates how to download and install the Join.Me software onto your desktop or laptop.

If you prefer to read a full transcript of the video, please see below

Start of video transcript

Hello and welcome to this video.

In this video I want to demonstrate how to download and use to work on your iPad. is a free piece of software that allows your screen to be shared with other people.

Screen sharing has a range of different uses but the one that I want to concentrate on in this series of videos is screen sharing from a desktop pc or laptop with an iPad.

In order to do this, we will need to complete four steps. Firstly, download the free software from the website onto our desktop or laptop. Secondly, we need to create a free account in order for the software to install properly. Thirdly, we need to download the free app from the AppStore on our iPads and fourthly we need to connect our desktop PC or laptop to our iPad in order to share the screen.

The focus of this video will be about downloading the app from the AppStore and installing it on our iPad.

I have created a video that demonstrates how to download and install the free app onto a desktop PC or laptop and how to create a free Join.Me account.

You can find it in my Join.Me playlist.

I will make a video showing how to broadcast or mirror the image from a desktop PC or laptop to an iPad in a little while.

So you can see the screen of my iPad here.

It is an iPad Air 2, running iOS 9.2.

So let’s open the App Store and in the top right hand corner in the search bar type in join. me- and yes it is important to include the full stop or period!

Since I have downloaded this app before I have a symbol of a cloud with a down arrow on it. You will most probably have a blue button that says “+Get”.

Touch on the icon and the app will take a few seconds to download- depending on your broadband speed.

Once it has downloaded press the Open button to start the app- just to make sure that it has installed correctly.

Decide if you want the app to send you notifications and swipe right to breeze through the introduction slides.

At the bottom of the page select “get started.”

And it takes you to a log on screen.

And I will end this video here.

Don’t fear! In my next and final video in this series I will demonstrate how to log on to the desktop app and the iPad app and how to connect the desktop PC and the iPad together.

For my other videos in this series, please look out for my Join. Me playlist.

If you have any questions or difficulties after watching this video, or want to join in with the discussion please do so below.

Do you use Do you like it? Or do you use another screen sharing app. Let me know.

Thanks for watching.

End of video transcript

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