Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Aipoly App- Identify Everyday Objects and Colours

In this video I demonstrate a brand new app called Aipoly.

Aipoly is an app that uses the cameras in iPhones and iPads to identify everyday objects and colours.
It is an app built specifically for the needs of the visually impaired.

In this four and a half minute video, I wander around my house pointing the camera at different objects to see how accurate it is!

The only voice that you will hear on the video is the voice used by the app to name objects.

Consequently, there are no subtitles to accompany this video.

In terms of its accuracy, I pointed it at bout 40 objects in my house and it recognised about 10-15 of those objects.

There is an annoying delay in the video because the voice seems to lag behind the text that identifies the object.

That is a fault with the recording because in real time the voice kept up and there was no delay.

This is a new app and so it will get better over time.

Also to help it along, you can correctly identify objects that it couldn't identify, therefore helping the app to "learn".

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