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In this video I demonstrate the main keyboard shortcuts you can use in order to move around the emails that you have on

Most of the time that we are using email we are focused on the inbox.

However, there are other locations that occasionally need access to...

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Hello everyone. It is James from the Visual Impairment Team in Devon.

In this video I am going to demonstrate keyboard shortcuts that will help you move to different places within your account

I will start with some technical information. In this video I will be using Microsoft Edge on a Windows 10 laptop.

I have already made videos about keyboard shortcuts that relate to writing and sending different emails and editing emails and there will be a link to those videos at the end of this video.

The video about writing emails will also explain to you how to check that keyboard shortcuts are enabled in your account.

Most of the time that we are in our email account, we are looking at our inbox but there there are a variety of other places in our account.

Most of these places or locations can be accessed by using keyboard shortcuts. These are; drafts, sent, all, flagged, people and inbox.

Let’s have a look.

To go to your drafts, press g and then the d key.

To go to your sent folder, press g and then the s key.

To look at all your emails in one place, press the g and then the a key.

To look at your flagged emails, press the g key and then the l key,

To return to your inbox, press the g key then the i key.

And to have a look at your contacts, your old address book which is now called people, press the g key then the p key.

And that is it!

6 keyboard that you may need when you are moving to different locations in

Remember that at the end of this video will be a link to my other videos relating to keyboard shortcuts and Outlook. Com.

In my next video, I am going to be concentrating on keyboard shortcuts that relate to email actions.

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If you have any comments or questions or anything to add to the discussion, please leave them below.

Thanks for watching.

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